9 Child-Proofing Checklist to Follow

On average, babies start to crawl at 8 months and many are even earlier. A crawling baby will soon start pulling up too. Counters, drawers or other surfaces are no longer out of reach. When it comes to baby-proofing, what you’ll need will depend on the particular features of your home. However, some items are nearly universal and here we compiled a list for you.

1. Make baths safe


2. Protect little hands


3. Prevent toilet trouble


  • Install a toilet-seat lock to prevent drowning.
4. Take care of your furniture


  • Soften the sharp edges of your coffee table with corner cushions.
  • Secure furniture that can topple (bookcases, chests of drawers) to the walls with furniture straps.
  • Anchor flat-screen TVs with safety straps so they can’t fall on your baby.
5. Avoid electrocution accidents


6. Preventing falls


  • Use window guards, window stops, and safety netting on windows, decks, and landings.
  • Block openings wider than 4 inches on railings with plastic garden fencing, Plexiglas, or other material.
7. Keep drawers shut


  • Put locks or latches on accessible cabinets and drawers that contain unsafe items.
8. Gate off stairs and problem areas


  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of every stairway to prevent your child from taking a tumble on the steps.
  • Control access to unsafe areas with safety gates, door locks, and knob covers.
9. Kitchen safety

Child playing with electric oven.

  • Secure oven door with an appliance latch.
  • Use stove guard that blocks access to burners.
  • Secure refrigerator with appliance latch.