It all started in year 2015 when an idea sparked between a two best friends. Being parents ourselves, we truly understand the needs of parents expecting a child, raising a newborn and nurturing children. Seeing our own kids grow up before our eyes, we have a mutual understanding of the stresses from parenting, as well as all the retail shopping that comes with it!

We have personally experienced the struggles and frustrations of searching for that one, elusive baby product, going from store to store, enduring traffic and parking nightmares to look for the best possible option for our families. It made us think, “How can we change this for others?” and after brainstorming about changing the landscape of the maternity and kids’ market, our brainchild Beybee was born.



Over the years, we have come to realize that it is almost impossible to find a store that stocks all ranges of baby products, maternity products, childcare products and each related service that comes with it. With little ones in tow, travelling from place to place to stock up on necessities or checking out daycares and preschools, can be a big hassle, as well as a waste of energy, time and resources.

Beybee.my strives to go beyond being an online store that provides all kinds of products for babies and parents, but also to be a go-to online one-stop solution platform for parents, providing a wide variety of services for babies, pregnancies and parenting as well.

We take pride in operating a business with exceptional staff that is proficient in servicing customers while maintaining a high standard of work ethics, and building a reputable brand name for Beybee in selling top quality products and services at competitive prices.



We welcome everyone to browse through our website for top quality products and accessories for maternity, baby and kids; ranging from pregnancy essentials to postnatal services. While we have taken great care in curating this expansive directory to be accessible at your fingertips, we also look forward to any suggestions for improvement.

For Babies and Kids

We have newborn essentials, diaper accessories, baby toiletries, breast and bottle feeding products, childproofing and home/car safety products, strollers, lots of cute baby clothes and plenty of toys for hours of education and fun!

For Parents

Being a mother is a full time job and in the midst of caring for others, mothers tend to neglect themselves. Hence, we are not forgetting mothers’ needs and we cover all your pregnancy needs, maternity wear, nursing essentials, educational material, postnatal essentials, and much more (for fathers too).

Other Services

We know you’ll be looking for; confinement center details, pregnancy massage, nursery/daycare, and last but not least, photographers to capture those special once-in- a lifetime moments. We aim to find better things for a better you with a holistic approach.



Created by parents, for parents, Beybee understands that you want a variety of options to choose from, at your own time and convenience. With that in mind as our mission, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction.

  • Visit only one website for all your maternity and parenting needs in the comfort of your own vicinity. You won’t have to search several different online stores to find what you need.
  • Products will be quality assured and delivered right to your doorstep. Save significantly on transportation, parking fees and most importantly, time. We only use trusted courier services to ensure your items are delivered safely.
  • Special rates you won’t find elsewhere, from product discounts to preferred rates with confinement center, nursery etc. We offer deals that will help stretch your Ringgit even further.
  • Friendly customer service to ensure you have the best possible online shopping experience with us. We are ever ready to assist you with your order or to answer any doubts you may have.
  • Ease of online payment using credit card, debit card and online banking via a secure payment portal. We even have cash on delivery transactions planned for the future.